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I'm driven by a reverence for tasty 2D characters, and a desire to combine comedy and angst. Making comics and sniffing guinea pigs enrich my soul, hence the guinea pig mascot.

pronouns: they/them

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Your Wings and Mine     Webtoon | Tapas (2021 - ongoing)
Bloom and Zoom
    Webtoon | Tapas  (2023 - ongoing)
Achilles and the Boy Next Door     Tapas Original (2023)
a refreshing summer      Webtoon | Tapas (2021)


Keisuke Nakamura Sprite Artist for re:/Dreamer (2020)
Character concept artist for Maid Mansion (2016)


Contributor for The Things that Matter (2021)
Contributor for VOW (2020)
Contributor for The Road to Dawn (2019)
Contributor for in darkness i will reach you (2019)
Contributor for Dearly Beloved (2018)
Illustrator for Drive: Discovery (2016)


You got questions, I got answers (maybe).

Your Wings and Mine

Can I make/sell my own fanmerch?

Can I cosplay?

Hell yeah, please go ahead.

Hell yeah, please go ahead.

Can I translate it to my own language?

As long as a few conditions are met:

  • The original/my socials are always linked back.

    • so people can find me if they want.

  • You upload somewhere that I don't.

    • so people don't get confused which one is the official one.

  • You don't monetize it.

  • You're able and willing to take it down if I were to request it.

Art Programs

What program(s) do you use?

For comics, Clip Studio EX.

For illustrations, a combination of of Clip Studio EX and SAI2. Finishing touches are done on Adobe Photoshop.

What brushes do you use?

For Clip Studio: 사이툴 붓 asset

For SAI2:


Do you have any tips for webtoon making?

I have a Google Doc with some information.

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